Welcome to théâtre sans frontières - creating an international theatre of excellence that celebrates world languages and cultures | TSF
Welcome to Théâtre Sans Frontières (TSF)

Patron Robert Lepage

Welcome to Théâtre Sans Frontières - creating an international theatre of excellence that celebrates world languages and cultures. Acclaimed for its innovative, accessible and physical style and dedicated to creating world theatre, TSF gathers together an international cast of actors to perform theatre based on stories in their original language. Using visual storytelling enhanced by mime, masks, puppetry, clowning, dance and music, TSF brings languages to life for all its audiences.

Thank you / Merci / Gracias

Seeds of Hope: A Ukraine/Tynedale Arts collaboration 2024
From our first meeting in the Queens Hall, Hexham in October 22, artists from Ukraine and Tynedale have been meeting and  talking, improvising and interacting through various media to find a common voice. Seeds of Hope is the outcome of that collaboration. Through art, singing, drama, poetry and movement we hope to reach a common understanding that surpasses the current wars. Forces of history have brought us together to find common ground, to find a sense of collective agency, seeking a unique voice here in this corner of Tynedale - holding important values: unity, common humanity, a sense of place and belonging.
Sherlock Holmes: 
The Speckled Band
Delve into the highly deductive mind of a super sleuth in this new production of one of the most popular Sherlock Holmes stories
Les Olympiques des Animaux (The Animal Olympics Paris 2024)
TSF will be revisiting the Olympics in 2024. In 2021 we presented Les Olympiques des Animaux celebrating The Tokyo Olympics, seen above with Aki Nishida from Japan. Next year we aim to visit Northumberland schools and beyond, offering a Paris themed performance...Dates 17th June - 12th July 2024. See prices below...
Bellingham workshop sessions
New community drama group in Bellingham, starting October 2023