A sunny, joyful, Caribbean tale for primary school children.
No longer Touring - Resource materials can be found below.
Language: French
Suitable for: 7-11 year olds

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"Fantastic, accessible by all abilities in different ways. Children engaged and motivated throughout. A fabulous resource for schools."
Teacher, Wallsend Jubilee Primary School
Les Aventures de Lapin is a theatrical production based on folktales from the French-speaking Caribbean and is performed in simple French for 7-11 year olds.

On the Island of Paradise, trickster Lapin and his not-so-bright friends Éléphant, Cheval and Tigre try to outdo each other to win the hand of the delectable Mademoiselle Christelle. Who will be the strongest, fastest and bravest animal on the island?
1.The storytelling style is very physical and uses live action, puppetry, shadow play and very catchy songs set against a vibrant and colourful background.
2. The production incorporates simple French vocabulary, including numbers, colours, fruit, weather, animals, etc.
3. A resource pack which includes a synopsis, music and lyrics, as well as a range of activities, is available before the show to enable teachers to prepare their pupils so that they gain maximum benefit from the performance.
4. This show has been specifically designed to be performed in school halls and not on a stage.
5. Les Aventures de Lapin is based on a group of animal stories from French-speaking Guadaloupe and Martinique in the Caribbean. These tales would have been told by African slaves to entertain one another and survive the hardships of life under their colonial masters. Similar to the Jamaican Anancy (Anansi) stories, the character of Lapin represents the underdog, the black slave, who has to use his wit and cunning to stand up to the bigger animals – Cheval, Tigre and Elephant who represent the white, colonial interloper. A synopsis of each of the stories we used can be found, alongside language activities, in the Resource Materials below
6. As a follow up Les Aventures de Lapin is a perfect vehicle for starting an exploration of issues around slavery with younger pupils during Black History Month in October.
Il fait beau, île du Paradis
Moi, j’adore les bananes