Hey Piggy Piggy

Hey Piggy Piggy



Hey Piggy Piggy


Touring in the North East  21 June – 7 July 2017


Free for schools


A fun show for KS1 children with animation, live music and action.


It explores the issues of fuel poverty in a child-friendly way:

About entitlement to health and a warm house to live in.


The Wolf keeps knocking at the door but it’s by counting their pennies, and

 with their own wits and clever use of materials, that the Piggies get cosy in the end.


Free KS1 Package : The Hey Piggy Piggy show comes with:

·       New songs to sing

·       A show followed by a workshop at a venue close to your school (this programme lasts for an hour)

·       A follow–up video, song accompaniments and lyrics sheet

·       A teachers’ resource with KS1 curricular links, resume and follow up ideas


Hey Piggy Piggy

Is especially commissioned and funded by the National Energy Action charity: www.NEA.org.uk


It is a collaboration between Théâtre Sans Frontières, 4 Corners Music Network: www.4cornersmusic.com

With script and songs by John Cobb, Sarah Kemp, Ken Patterson & Richard Scott

Design by Alison Ashton


For information and bookings,

please call Sue Maltby 01434 603114

Or email



Resource Materials:DOWNLOAD