Like Water for Chocolate

Como Agua Para Chocolate
Like Water for Chocolate


Como Agua Para Chocolate was a mid-scale production adapted from Laura Esquivel's original novel by Linda McLean. It toured to theatres in the UK for the first time in October and November 2006 and again in May and June 2008. Watch the first half of the show above.

WATCH the second half here

Laura Esquivel is one of Mexico's most celebrated writers and this was the UK’s first stage adaptation of her worldwide bestseller. With an international cast, vibrant text and a haunting score, including live music, TSF brought its flair for visual storytelling to this sensual celebration of Latin American culture.

This gorgeous, sexy tale is set in revolutionary Mexico in 1910.  Tita, a young woman forced to watch her sister marry the man she loves, cooks to quench her aching heart.  Her food stirs all who taste it, affecting them deeply and transporting them into a captivating world of magical realism.


2008 Cast and Creative Team

Alejandra Ambrosi CortésTita   Leonila Argüello Chavarría (Chencha)   Jerónimo Best (Pedro)    Pepa Delgado Fernández   (Rosuara)   Sarah Kemp  (Mamá Elena)   Alicia Martel   (Gertrudis/ Nacha)   Mark Plonsky   (John Brown/ Capitán Juan Alejándrez)

2006 Cast (in the video above)

Alejandra Ambrosi Cortés  Tita

Leonila Argüello Chavarría   Chencha

Alex Elliott   John Brown/Capitán Juan Alejándrez

Pepa Delgado Fernández   Rosaura

Sarah Kemp   Mamá Elena

Alicia Martel   Gertrudis/ Nacha

Mark Plonsky   Pedro

Director  John Cobb

Writer Linda McLean

Set and Costume Designer  Neil Murray

Composer  Iain Johnstone  

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