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Le Tour de France (2001)

Le Tour de France
Le Tour de France (2001)

LANGUAGE:French and English

Le Fantôme Cycliste has stolen the famous yellow, green and red and white jerseys from Le Tour de France cycle race. But never fear, Sans Frontières are here! Sarah, Kent and Jack, our dynamic detectives, set out to recover the jerseys.

Learning some key French phrases, they follow the Tour de France and finish on the famous Champs-Élysées in Paris. Who will be the fastest on two wheels — or even one?

Who will defeat Le Fantôme Cycliste?


Le Tour de France was jam-packed with action and adventure, using large screen interactive video sequences shot on location in France. Traditional and original live music and French songs provided the 'soundtrack' to this freewheeling extravaganza.


Devised and scripted by John Cobb, Sarah Kemp and Ken Patterson, Le Tour de France was orginally researched and piloted in 2001 with staff and pupils from the North East.

Directorial Assitance: Joff Chafer

Set & Costume Design: Susie Troup

Composer: Ken Patterson

Lighting Design: Ritchie Orr

Production Manager: Shona Wright

Assistant Stage Manager: Andrew Turnbull


Jack: John Cobb

Kent: Ken Patterson

Sarah: Sarah Kemp

Le Fantôme Cycliste: Andrew Turnbull (on stage), Ken Pattersopn/Duncan Cave (on screen)

Madame Blanc: Marie-Elizabeth Cornet

Le Tour de France toured to 11 venues across the UK