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The Three Musketeers

Les Trois Mousquetaires
The Three Musketeers


Virtue and villainy collide in this rollicking knockabout version of the legendary Dumas tale. Follow the adventures of the roguishly handsome and naive D'Artagnan as he leaves his family farm in Gascogny and heads for the big city lights of Paris in his quest to join the famed Mousquetaires. But the road to becoming a Mousquetaire is not a smooth one - along the way, he encounters the Cardinal's men, falls in love, and is swept up into the intrigues of the deceitful French Court. This swashbuckling epic is brought to life in TSF's inimitable physical and visual style along with a fiendish new twist for the 21st century. Handsome, hunky and hairy as they are - Les Trois Mousquetaires are all women!!

Parody, puppetry and cracking comedy (with a touch of the Pythonesque) combine to make Les Trois Mousquetaires an all action adventure. See this outstanding international band of actors bring Dumas' original bestseller to the stage as never before with joie de vivre, live music, brio et brioches!

Performed in French with a little English and Spanish. And don't worry if you don't speak French - this is definitely a show where actions speak louder than words! And you'll be singing the theme tune long after the play is over!

Adapted by Edward Kemp from the novel by Alexandre Dumas.

Toured to 17 UK venues in autumn 2009.

2009 Cast and Creative Team

Becky Jameson Athos / Milady / Tréville
Rew Lowe Rochefort / Le Roi / Duke of Buckingham
Lucía Mazarrasa Llosa Porthos / La Reine
Mariae Smiarowska Aramis / Constance
Johanne Thibaut D'Artagnan
Director John Cobb
Designer Jane Heather
Composer Iain Johnstone
Dramaturg Edward Kemp
Lighting Design Mark Pritchard


2001 Cast

James Cunningham Rochefort / King / Duke of Buckingham
Rocío Galán Porthos / Queen
Helen Iskander D'Artagnan
Sarah Kemp Athos / Milady / Tréville
Christine Nayrolles Aramis / Constance

Toured to 24 UK venues across and also to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2001.