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The Three-Cornered Hat (2002 & 2005)

El Sombrero De Tres Picos
The Three-Cornered Hat (2002 & 2005)


For this production of El Sombrero de Tres Picos, TSF gathered a comic crew of Spanish-speaking actors to create a Spanish fiesta, full of colourful situations and larger than life characters suitable for those aged 15 years and upwards. 

A sleepy Andalusian village, a comic duo of donkeys dozing in the heat ... the highly pompous local magistrate, El Corregidor, is on the prowl, the beautiful Miller's wife, Frasquita - his prey.... Can Lucas, her husband, trust her to be faithful? Or will Frasquita succumb to the Corregidor's lustful advances?

And where is HE going in the dead of night...?

All is not quite what it seems, as wives and clothing are swapped with abandon in this cautionary and satirical tale of love, lust and rural infidelity.


Director: John Cobb

Designer: Jane Heather

Composer: Iain Johnstone

Lighting Designer: Richie Orr

Costume Designer: Susie Troup


Cast 2002:

Frasquita: Rocío Galán

Tía Lucas: Gustavo Gelman

María del Carmen: Sarah Kemp

El Corregidor: José Troncoso

Garduna: Jonathan Waite

Techincal Stage Manager: Shona Wright

Stage Manager: Paul Borthwick


Cast 2005:

Frasquita:  Alicia Martel Manguía

Tía Lucas: Gustavo Gelman

María del Carmen: Sarah Kemp

El Corregidor: José Troncoso

Garduna: Elena Oliviere


Techincal Stage Manager: Paul Borthwick

Stage Manager: Claire Teesdale

El Sombrero de Tres Picos was created by the orginal company from a working script by Sarah Kemp, based on the novel by Pedro de Alarcón and toured to 31 venues over the two tours.