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Memories of an African Childhood

L'Enfant Peul (2001)
Memories of an African Childhood


"I am not a historian, but rather a teller of history"

Théâtre Sans Frontières collaborated with Paris based Atelier International de Recherche et de Création Théâtrale to bring  a rich tale of Africa, bursting with colour, song, movement and epic storytelling to the stage. An international ensemble of actors came together for this first ever stage adaptation of Amadou Hampâté Bâ's acclaimed autobiography.

Hampâté Bâ was a leading member of UNICEF and was awarded the Grand Prix Littéraire de l'Afrique Noire in 1974.

Here he is L'Enfant Peul, a young boy of the Peul tribe growing up in Mali. It is the early 1900s - the time of French colonisation of West Africa. Hampâté Bâ's family are sent into exile and on their return he is enrolled in the French School. Through the eyes of both the child and the coloniser, he tells us the story of his country and people, of an ancient way of life that abounds in wisdom and wit, laughter and tragedy.

L'Enfant Peul took the audience on an unforgettable journey to faraway lands and cultures - through times of love and tales of treachery on a quest to discover our common humanity.


Director: Habib Naghmouchi

Writer: Catherince Levy-Marie

Set Designer: Habib Naghmouchi

Costumes: Yacou Bance

Lighting Designer: Alexandre Lebrun

Company Stage Manager: Duncan Cave

Stage Manager: Shona Wright



Rukmini Chatterjee

John Cobb

Gora Diakhate

Nigel Hollidge

Cecile Lehn

Samantha McDonald

Akihiro Nishida

Mahmoud Said


L'Enfant Peul toured to 17 venues across the UK in 2001.