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The Magic Ball

La Pelota Mágica
The Magic Ball


An enchanting tale from Argentina, performed in simple Spanish for 6 – 10 year olds, teachers, families and friends.

Brother and sister, Luis and Natalia, are playing in the foothills of the Andes. They see a beautiful, shimmering ball and chase after it. However, the ball belongs to the cold-eyed witch of the mountains who uses magic to trap Natalia. Seeking help from the wise old man Atahualpa and el Cóndor, the most noble bird of the Andes, can Luis rescue Natalia in time?

Théâtre Sans Frontières brought its flair for engaging children in different languages and cultures to this Argentinian folktale, with a combination of puppets, actors and vibrant live music.

Directors Sarah Kemp & John Cobb
Set & Costume Design Andrew Stephenson
Lighting Designer Alexandra Anzemberger
Composer Ken Patterson
Puppets Alison McGowan

2008 Tour

Angel Alguacil, Paddy Burton, Mariae Smiarowska

Stage Manager: Craig Davidson
Assistant Stage Manager, Musician and Puppeteer: Jack Burton

The show toured to nine venues, as well as to schools in Hexham, Sheffield, Galashiels and Dorset.

2010 Tour

Ángel Alguacil, Paddy Burton, Xela Marx

Stage Manager: Shona Wright
Assistant Stage Manager, Musician and Puppeteer: Jack Burton

The show toured to 11 venues, as well as to schools in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Westbury, Northampton, Luton and Bristol.