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The Black Cat (2000)

Le Chat Noir
The Black Cat (2000)


A fantastical tale from France, Le Chat Noir is bursting with the finest ingredients from Celtic folklore. There is a wicked stepmother, a wealthy prince, a feckless father, a beautiful stepdaughter, her foolish stepsister, a crackle of magic and, of course, the deliciously mysterious black cat.

When the prince proposes to his true love, no one could be happier in all the land. That is, until their wedding day when the sinister stepmother switches her own plain and ungainly daughter for the beautiful bride to be. Mayhem and mischief ensue as we enter the fabulous world of magic and sorcery, guided by a fabulous feline ­Le Chat Noir.

Le Chat Noir was performed with the breathtaking visual style of this award-winning international company, using masks from Trestle Theatre, puppets and original music.


Director: Sarah Kemp

Designer: Imogen Cloet

Composer: Peter Livingstone

Lighting Designer: Andrew Biscoe

Stage Manager: Duncan Cave

Deputy Stage Manager: Shona Wright



Melanie Baxter-Jones: Yvonne / Beggar

John Cobb: Yvonne's Father / Le Chat Noir

Pepa Delgado: Step Mother / Beggar

Rocio Galan: Louise

Philippe Escande: Prince


The script was devised by the Company with assistance from Rebecca Jameson.

Le Chat Noir toured to 26 venues across the UK with 55 performances in 2000.