The Golden Conch Shell- your Feedback.

TSF would love to hear your feedback on The Golden Conch Shell. Please send any comments to

Questions for Youngsters

Did you like the film?

Which bits?

What’s the best bit?

How would you change the story if you could?

Where else could the story go?

What characters do you like?

What might you leave out?

Did you like the design, the shadow puppets, the music?

Do you like the title – if not can you think of another?

Questions for Families/General Feedback   

Is it aimed at the right age for your children?

What age are your children?

Did they like it?

What did they say about it?

What do you think of  the artistic approach?

How do you find the story, characters and themes?

Is it appropriate for your children?

Are you prepared to engage in a 5 min chat to discuss the film with one of our TSF 

colleagues ? If so please email

Many Thanks