TSF in the Great Boxing Booth Revival Finale


Finally, Paddy Burton and I, after a washed out summer, get to play in the Boxing Booth! After extensive downpours which ended in cancelling our appearance at Skelton and catapulting the whole project into Gateshead Sports centre when Saltwell Park was inundated, we finally see the Boxing Booth set up in Hexham Abbey cloisters in full sunshine. We had heard tales of gloopy Glastonbury-like mud and bales of straw  thrown down to make the whole event possible elsewhere, but here all is well.  The space itself is very interesting being, of course, on 4 sides, but you never know where the audience will be so each performance necessitates adjusting to where they stand. Our little sketch is very silly, based on the fictional meeting of Sir John Falstaff and Don Quixote's side kick Sancho Panza. They fight over a fictional island and end up in a fictional Coalition. Plenty of opportunity to lampoon celebs, sports stars and the body politic, while throwing in the odd bit of Shakespeare and dreaming the Impossible Dream.... Hope you enjoyed it and thanks to Judith King, Carl and Dennis and all the team for making it happen.