On tour with Canary Gold

This is my first time touring with a TSF show. As the marketing officer, I'm usually back in the office slaving over a hot Mac. Well, I'm still attached to the Mac, but this time it's being used to run the surtitles and my job on tour is to push the button during performances. I left Hexham with the actors last Tuesday and our first destination was Stamford. The tech guys were into the theatre first thing Wednesday morning, to set up, and I took the opportunity to familiarise myself with the venue and talk to the marketing and front of house team.

The stage at Stamford Arts Centre doesn't have a lot of wing space, but there was just enough room to fit me in on the side with a little table, my Mac and a bottle of water. I was very close to the action in this position and I could still keep in contact with Jack and Dimas in the tech room at the back of the theatre through headphones. It's always terrifying waiting for the first cue, but once I've got that over with, then I just have to keep my concentration and follow the dialogue. The surtitling for this show is a little trickier than for Lorca, because as that show was all in Spanish, I just had to keep changing the slides every time the actors spoke. Canary Gold has a lot of English and then there are parts in other languages, so I have to keep listening and watching for the next cue to change slide. And it's always a relief when the last slide has come!

The next day we were off to the Mumford, Cambridge where the stage has massive wings so plenty of space for me and my stuff. Despite being on the stage, I couldn't actually see the action due to the position of the tabs so I had to watch the show via a monitor which felt a bit odd, but I could hear perfectly.

Friday morning we drove down to my old stomping ground of Chelmsford and the Cramphorn Theatre. It was a tightish fit, but the guys managed to get all the set on stage beautifully and with the audience being so close, there was a very nice intimate atmosphere. This time I was up in the box with the guys and looking straight down on the stage. Three days and three shows. Now we get a break over the weekend before continuing the tour in Crawley. So far, so good!