There's always a first time

My memories of Hartlepool Town Hall go back more years than I care to admit when as a kid at junior school I'd perform with my school choir or later with my senior school wind band. Back then, there was no stage and performances were all about concerts or tea dances. More recently, thanks to loads of funding, this impressive Victorian Gothic masterpiece has been converted to a 400-odd seater theatre complete with licensed bar. And so it was with a sense of great pride - and curiosity - I joined the 250-ish youngsters at our performance of Le Moulin Magique. Curiosity, because how would this show go down with the home crowd, and great pride because despite my misgivings about the town where I was brought up, it still never ceases to surprise me.

Once the intitial shock of realising that the show was in French, the kids loved it, joining in with booing the baddie, laughing in all the right places and clapping along with the songs. The teachers were fairly impressed too so let's hope we can bring them more shows in the future. I stayed behind afterwards to see our cast and the TH crew - who've been great to work with by the way - and although I couldn't help with the get-out, I did my bit by making them all a nice cup of tea! Let's hope it's not too long before we're back in Hartlepool.