Settling In & Heaven Eyes

Hello!once again As TSF’s new intern I’m keeping a blog here and it’s about time I update you all on how things are coming along. If you want to read my previous post to find out a bit more about me, feel free to click here.

So, now I’ve been here for a few months and have found myself settled in, how is life at TSF going? Well in a word – busy! Currently it’s full steam ahead with the company’s latest project, an adapted-to-stage version of local (yet internationally renowned) author David Almond’s book Heaven Eyes. What an interesting show it is turning out to be too! Several times now throughout the production I have been afforded the opportunity to use my previous experience in the world of filmmaking, and for that I’m greatly appreciative. My first undertaking was with TSF’s continual collaborator in film Christo Wallers, whom I travelled out to Seaton Sluice with to shoot a dream-like sequence which will then be projected on to the Heaven Eyes set. As Christo had the camerawork covered, I made sure that we had some solid sound to go with this touching scene [pictured below].

Further to this piece of projected video, it soon became clear during rehearsals that John & Sarah hoped to show certain moments on stage in greater detail to the audience. The idea was born to film close-ups of one particular scene where a character plays with clay models whilst voicing-over the imagery. For this I was given the opportunity to step up and helm the filming myself. This involved the interesting process of figuring out how John saw the to-be projected video in his mind, and then translating that to how I could film it to work effectively [pictured below]. Fingers crossed the results are well received!

In addition to the material for Heaven Eyes, I have produced a behind the scenes video where I interview the cast about what audiences can expect from the show. It ended up being good fun to make, and allowed me to further expand my film & video offering for TSF. Click here to watch it! 

In these last couple of months which have been filled with the busyness of Heaven Eyes (including plenty of hotel bookings and email lists!) it was a pleasant break from proceedings to catch up with the other interns and apprentices also on the Arts Council's Creative Employment Programme. Each month, myself and the North-East’s CEP contingency meet at one of the venues employing us young arts career hopefuls. Most recently it was Alnwick Playhouse’s intern Stewart Campbell who hosted the day. It was great to see how operations at Alnwick work, and most interesting to gain an insight into theatre lighting with Stewart’s workshop all about the subject. Later this month it’s mine and Laura Gessey’s turn to do the joint Queen’s Hall and Théâtre Sans Frontières CEP day – I just hope we can live up to the high standard of Stuart’s day!

Until next time.

Mike Edwick