New Beginnings...

Hello! My name is Mike Edwick and I’m Theatre Sans Frontieres’ new intern. I’ll be here over the next year in my position as Assistant Arts officer, which has kindly been made possible by Arts Council England’s Creative Employment Programme. I’ll be updating my blog posts throughout the year to give you all an insight into how I’m getting on!

So, I arrive at TSF as a graduate in film, having completed my B.A in Filmmaking at the Manchester School of Art last year. It’s been quite a year since then, with plenty of ups and downs along the way, but one which has ultimately led me to an appreciation of being newly employed at TSF. It can be a tricky time for graduates right now!

Having been with TSF since June, how has my introduction to Hexham’s very own touring theatre company been? Well, let’s just say that one of my first experiences in this world of inventive performance has had me researching and preparing slides of disfigured genitalia! Not to fear though, there is reason enough! TSF’s newly commissioned hour-long piece If It’s Not On, It’s Not On is a humorous and playful look at the ins & outs of sexually transmitted diseases, and for this show they enlisted my skills in digital imaging for the various elements of back screen projection. The multifarious and unusual material needed for this entertaining project meant that my work was certainly never dull!

What else have I been up to? Amongst other things there have been several of TSF’s current works that require film components, and so I have been fortunate enough to already gain experience with TSF’s regular filmmaking partner Christo Wallers. I have been assisting him with sound & camera work for the current E-learning project Louis Pasteur, as well as for the pre-recorded segments of the upcoming Heaven Eyes show. To be able to utilise my previous background already within TSF has been a really rewarding process.

Further to my creative practice, I have been learning many new administrational and marketing skills from the office staff - all of whom have been kind in welcoming me into the daily life of the company. Challenging my skillset with the adoption of these new workflows has already been fulfilling, even if at times there has been a bit of a learning curve!

My first 3 months here has ushered in a whole new part of my life where I can grow, as well as use my existing knowledge and passion for creativity, and so I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year will hold!

Until next time…

Mike Edwick