Moi, j'adore les bananes!


Those immortal words are currently ringing out in schools across the UK. TSF is back on the road with Les Aventures de Lapin (The Adventures of Rabbit), a show based on folk tales from the French-speaking Caribbean and performed in simple French for 7-11 year olds.  On Paradise Island this time we have Emily (playing Mademoiselle Christelle and Monsieur Eléphant), Benjamin (Monsieur Tigre), Kevin (Monsieur Cheval) and Katie (Monsieur Lapin).  So far the tour has visited schools in the North East, Yorkshire, Lancashire, Sussex, Essex, and a very brief day trip into Scotland.  This was Benjamin's first visit north of the border so a very important photo opportunity could not be missed as we passed the granite landmark.  Benjamin has joined us from Bilbao in Spain for this tour.  (And yes, rehearsals were a very multi-lingual experience with Spanish added to the Anglo-Francais mix!)

The show has been getting great responses so far and those incredibly catchy songs are proving a hit wherever we go.  Be sure to check out our vocals on YouTube, and, who knows, we may be lining up for an appearance on next year's X Factor!  A la prochaine fois, mes amis ...

The Lapin crew on the Scottish border