Meeting the media at the Fringe

I took the train up to Edinburgh on Saturday for the Festival Fringe event 'Meet the Media'. Fringe Central is more or less in the centre of the city, made easier to find as you just had to look for the huge queue going down the street and round the corner. Once I'd joined my fellow Festival participants at the back of the line, the Fringe guy assured us that we'd all get into the hall as it had capacity for 600 people! Eventually, the queue started moving and we poured into the hall, to be confronted by further queues where people were lining up to speak to representatives from all the various publications. Which one should I go for? Carlos from Teatro Tamaska was already ahead of me in the Three Weeks queue so I joined him and we presented our shows as a double act. And so we continued, going from queue to queue, making our pitch until finally the lines closed and it was time to go home. This is my first time at the Fringe with a company. So much to learn, so much to do and talk about baptism by fire!