Flying visit to see Canary Gold

The Tenerife leg of the Canary Gold tour is almost over so in order to catch the show, I flew out there Sunday evening, went to the theatre Tuesday morning and came back later that same day. I met up with the actors the night before who had just had a couple of well-earned days off from rehearsing and performing all the previous week. The next morning we went down to the theatre in El Sauzal, Teatro Tamaska's home base. The audience that day would be teenagers from a couple of the local schools. Sitting amongst them, I wondered what they would make of the show as the lights went down and the first lines of the opening sea shanty drifted across the auditorium.

The show has been cut by about 25 minutes. This has strengthened the connections between the historical and contemporary storylines, as well as prepare the show for performance at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe which requires a shorter running time. Some scenes which were, to my mind, probably the funniest, have been left out, which is a shame, but needs must. The opening scenes have remained the same, but I was a little confused at first and then I remembered - we're in Spain! - so of course the surtitling was translating the English into Spanish, not the other way round. Other more obvious changes were lines being spoken by different actors from before, combining two different 'truth' scenes into one which I found very effective, and the dropping of one of the songs. The biggest change is the ending, which I won't give away here, but if you've already seen the show then it does come as quite a surprise!

I couldn't be sure what the pupils thought of the show - they didn't seem to react much during the performance apart from a few restrained laughs here and there - but they were enthusiastic enough in their applause at the end. Maybe they're still thinking about it  ... or maybe not. I feel the show is a lot stronger now for the careful editing process it has just undergone and there are to be a few more cuts before the week is out. Edinburgh here we come!