Feldenkrais in Barcelona





Sarah and John (and Eleanor) attended Monika Pagneux's Pedagogy Master Class in Barcelona over Easter, the latest in a series of yearly classes Monika has been teaching there since 2007. Monika's work focuses on movement for actors and is based on the Feldenkrais method (which John is training in at the moment), as well as a wealth of experience she gained from working with Etienne Decroux, Jacques Lecoq, Philippe Gaulier and Peter Brook. The workshop is designed around working with ex-students of Monika's who intimately know her style and methodology. These classes are both an exploration and the handing on of technique and experience. Here's a quote from a recent article on Monika by Ana Yen for the Feldenkrais Guild:

"Monika advises those of us who teach, direct, or create theater, to “make a game of everything”. Major components of play, abundant in Monika’s games for the performer include pleasure, presence, complicity, and the rules of the game. What is pleasure in the performance context? Monika leads us to rediscover the pleasure of a child playing, the pleasure of the game, of leaping into the unknown with knowledge of how to play, of discovery, of awareness."

Sarah and John were pleased to be part of a group that included teachers and performers from Spain, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Brazil, France, Poland and Italy. Such contacts and the sharing of languages (both theatrical and linguistic) are highly important for TSF and the ethos of the company.