Edinburgh Festival

Here's what our Producer, Becci, has been up to at the Edinburgh Festival this week.

It's been a whirlwind four days in Edinburgh - I can't believe I'm halfway through my trip already! The week started well with the Stronger Together event at St.Stephens - looking at how creative organisations (across all genres) can work better together.  Brilliant provocations started us off looking at: how to make it count, what makes collaborations work and even if collaboration is always the answer. With thoughts bubbling this set us off onto a day of conversations, case studies and open space discussions.

So, it was with an open and ready mind that I then set off to explore Edinburgh. Over the last three days I've tried to see a diverse mix of shows at different venues from children's shows to comedy, dance and drama. The highlights so far have been This Land: The Story of Woody Guthrie by Interplay Theatre, Best in the World by Unfolding Theatre and The Curious Scrapbook of Josephine Bean by Shona Reppe.

Interplays story of Woody Guthrie was charming, lively and gentle all at the same time. I'm embarrassed to say I knew nothing about Woody prior to the performance but was immediately in awe at the multi-talented cast, all taking their turn to play the main man himself, performing his songs and making use of the vast range of instruments on stage. It was a story-telling jamming session with real heart, followed by a fabulous musical encore outside the venue.

In contrast, Best in the World was a one man show, a motivational, inspiring collection of thoughts and stories with a bonus inspirational banana. A thoroughly entertaining look at what it means to be the best, with some wonderful little touches. Alex Elliot had the audience in the palm of his hand and provided humour, warmth and some highly entertaining dance moves.

Finally, The Curious Scrapbook of Josephine Bean is listed under children's theatre but had as much to offer the (large number of) adults in the audience.  As the lights come on in what appears to be a curious kind of laboratory we know we're in for a treat even before we find we are about to learn the art of Scrapology. Science mixes with fairy tale as we help to unpick the story of a scrapbook's mysterious owner through its contents. A delightful and surprising show that's definitely worth a watch.

On top of this I've met some brilliant artists, discovered that Edinburgh time is completely different from anywhere else and that getting lost can lead to wonderful discoveries.  I've got four days left in Edinburgh, with more shows booked and three different events to look forward to. If the second half of the week is as good as the first I'm in for a treat!