Canary Gold in Tenerife

TSF arrived in Tenerife last Sunday to begin two days rehearsal of Canary Gold before a two week tour of Tenerife. The set was shipped to Santa Cruz in the intervening period after our UK tour finished in February. We attack the text, looking for cuts and a new ending to the piece in response to comments from audience and peers in the UK. This show will be shown to a number of A-level age students and will be reduced in length to suit their situation. The process of reducing the narrative and themes to their essence is always an interesting one. We will also play to local audiences who may include British people living on the island. The show will now be surtitled in Spanish, a task that is in itself a large undertaking. Luckily, we have a local actress - Laiko - who worked on Islands with us here two years ago, who speaks English, Spanish and French. There has been much talk of whether we take Canary Gold to the Edinburgh Festival, a prospect which still remains up in the air. Being here in Tenerife, however, allows us time and space to shorten the show for Edinburgh, should it be possible.