Canary Gold in Edinburgh

After a very late night technical rehearsal a week ago (is it a week already?), the show opened last Wednesday and it's been full steam ahead ever since. We get 15 minutes to do a get-in that would normally take 6-8 hours - but to be fair, we've scaled down a lot of of the set - and everyone has their task. Mine is putting out the wooden chairs that are used in the investor day scenes, getting the mac set up for surtitling (if I'm doing that on the day), helping the actors in any other way, then handing out programmes to the audience and letting in late-comers (there are some occasionally). Some days I'm operating the surtitles - aargh, the concentration! Then we have five minutes to get-out. My job then is to get the front row of chairs back in place and tape the legs together. I've got it down to a fine art!

The rest of the time, we're out leafleting and putting up posters on the Royal Mile - half an hour later they're covered up by some other show's posters. C'est la vie - c'est le Fringe! I've had more lasting success at cafes and shops along from our venue. We've done a few promos on the Royal Mile, where the actors perform songs from the show in costume. We've had pretty decent weather so far in the Scottish capital which makes performing and leafleting outdoors so much more pleasant - long may it last!

And there is a little time to play too. Gabby and I got out to see a couple of shows over the weekend and I have a few more on my wish list. Edinburgh is a fantastic place to be during the Festival. The Fringe is amazing, so much to choose from - just how can you? Sometimes the unexpected and unintended can be brilliant; you need to be prepared to take a chance. You never know - it could be the best thing you've ever seen. And if you're in the city this week, come and see Canary Gold!