Au revoir Monsieur Lapin!


On the road with Rabbit
"That was the best play I've ever seen."  Just one of the terrific comments we received from one of our young audience members whilst touring this Autumn.  Les Aventures de Lapin (The Adventures of Rabbit) has been going down a storm (or even a ouragan) with pupils and teachers alike.  But sadly all good things must come to an end.
The van has been emptied and the banana tree is back in the store.  All that remains are some memorable tunes still being sung in schools across the country, and a bag of dirty socks!  After 7 weeks on the road, Lapin has clocked up 39 performances in 32 different spaces, reaching over 4600 pupils drawn from 66 schools.  The van has travelled over 3300 miles and the cast have sung the word "bananes" approximately 2028 times!  There has been laughter, screaming, a few tears (the Zombie can be a bit scary) and, above all, lots of French speaking and singing everywhere we went.
You can still check out the video clips from the show on our YouTube channel but, be warned, if you have a banana that makes the same noises as ours, it's probably best not to eat it!
Until we meet revoir!
Kevin James
Stage Manager and Monsieur Cheval