April means to open, like a flower in spring!

Hello! My name is April Jade Darrell (YES I was born in April). I am currently  studying Media, Communication and Cultural studies at Newcastle University. I came to TSF through Newcastle University work experience where I have to complete 100 hours worth of work , which I feel is vital to have a long side your degree if you have/get chance/time.

A little bit about myself: I am 21 years old and the oldest of three girls, my middle sister is a singer and my youngest is a football player and they are both VERY talented within their hobbies, so I am one proud big sister. So watch out for the Darrells. I am from a small village near York, North Yorkshire, though I originally from Wetherby near Leeds, all in all I am a PROUD Yorkshire girl at heart. I have a passion for musical theatre which I first intended on doing when I left college after studying Musical Theatre Btec at York college. I have performed in many shows, from chorus to Lead in theatre's such as York Grande Opera House. I also have a passion for fashion which is something I spend a lot of my money on, epescially shoes!!! & I am hoping to start up my own fashion blog very soon. princessaprill is my user name on instagram for anyone interested :) I love to travel and have been very fortunate to have travelled to many places, including Thailand, LA, Tanzania, Norway, Germany, Florida, Domincan Republic... the list is endless... I am also hoping to go on a road trip around America in the summer of 2017.

My position here: I am a marketing assistant which means; I design flyers, posters, look after all social media platform, create newsletters on Mailchimp. Using software such as Indesign and Photoshop. Where I currently stand now, I'm finishing up the  last of my 100 hours of placement. I have learnt so much and done a few things I have never had chance to before. Its been an amazing opportunity, with a lovely group of people. 

Future: I am hoping to graduate with top marks and pursue a job within the field of Media. What exacty I am still unsure of. This placement has helped me get a taste of a job within media and I have definitely enjoyed my role, though I am still flexible with keeping my options open and hopefully get more work experience before I secure a job. I would also LOVE to get a job in another country, as I feel it would be a wonderful experience.

I can't wait to see what happens, but for now I am taking everyday as it comes. Thank you for taking your time to reading my blog.

Bye for now xoxo