The Animal Olympics Tokyo 2020 (2021)

Les Olympiques des Animaux
The Animal Olympics Tokyo 2020 (2021)



 Les Olympiques des Animaux (The Animal Olympics) toured summer 2021 in the North East and Cambridgeshire, from 11th June to 9th July 2021. This was a theatre production with  2 workshops for 30 participating students each, that celebrated the  Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan through live action, comedy, puppets and catchy songs.

NB. Songs and video resources from the production are available to watch on Youtube, eg. Saute Secoue, Les 5 Valeurs des Jeux Olympiques ( Respect Amitié) and Japon en haut- HERE

For Schools: We understand not all of your classes have been able to watch our performance due to Covid.  Please feel free to use these songs and other Animal Olympic resources from the show on Youtube with your students. These include short scenes in simple French and filmed animations on the Olympic theme.

The Animal Olympics will return in Paris 2024!


Lion, Rabbit, Horse, Whale and Elephant, from five different French speaking countries, participate in an exciting pentathlon, consisting of: running; cycling; swimming; rowing and long jump.

Key points

  • The production uses simple French vocabulary, including numbers, colours, weather, animals and sports etc.
  • The Animal Olympics Tokyo 2020 supports the listening and speaking strand of the  KS2 programme of studies as well as the  OFSTED requirement for SMSC provision and developing cultural capital.
  • The show will help to develop confidence, teamwork and collaboration and provides a meaningful context for pupils' language learning.
  • The production supports schools applying for International Schools Award, Artsmark and children doing Arts Award.
  • An education pack which includes a synopsis, songs recorded music and lyrics, as well as a range of activities, is available before the show to enable teachers to prepare their pupils so that they gain maximum benefit from the performance.
  • This show has been specifically designed to be performed in school halls and not on a stage.

Watch Your Pupils Perform with the Cast!

  • Some pupils will be able to participate in the show itself.
  • They will enjoy workshops with the actors and create two scenes from the play.
  • These will be incorporated into the final production for the rest of the audience to watch.
  • A maximum of 60 children (years 3-5) will be able to perform in the show after participating in workshops with the actors. The remainder of the children will enjoy the full show as part of the audience.

This production was initially  performed for the Rio Olympics of 2016 to great acclaim:

"The set and production was beyond our expectations – excellent" Ponteland First School

"Very engaging, lots of humour"  SS Peter & Paul RC Primary

"Participation of children good" Holy Trinity CE Academy   

For more information and bookings, please contact John Cobb at TSF on 01434 603114 or email


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