The Team

JOHN COBB Joint Artistic Director

John is Joint Artistic Director and has appeared in or directed most of TSF's shows. He plays ukelele in the Hexham Village Ceilidh Band, enjoys singing and is currently studying Feldenkrais Technique.

SARAH KEMP Joint Artistic Director

Sarah is Joint Artistic Director and has directed or appeared in most of TSF’s shows. She plays soprano sax in Newcastle’s Tenth Avenue Band and enjoys gardening.

GABBY KEAVENY Finance Manager

Gabby has responsibility for hands-on financial processing, implementing finance policy and monitoring income and expenditure relative to budget.  When not scowling at her computer, she enjoys book club membership, creative writing classes and indulging in her longstanding enthusiasm for culinary experimentation.


June Abbott, Chris Black, Jane Brantom (Chair), Rhiannon Griffiths, Bob Hull, Pascale Konyn, Caroline Theobald CBE