27 July 2012Last time for Lipsynch?

John and Sarah are just about to set off to Melbourne for what may be the last showing of Lipsynch. Who knows in these crazy days? At any rate Robert Lepage has

13 June 2012Le Tour de France all over again

Sarah, John and Ken, along with actor Andrew Turnbull (formerly Le Fantôme Cycliste), filmmaker Christo Wallers and Eleanor as sound technician, set off in early June for 7 days filming in

27 May 2012Malmsey Wine in Tenerife

Sarah and I flew to the Canaries to meet up with Carlos Belda and Fefi Suarez from Teatro Tamaska with whom we are developing The Malmsey Wine

27 May 2012New year, new start

The New Year is always a time for reflection and given that this New Year signaled a brand new job, what better time for a look back on my first two weeks as a Producer at Théâtre Sans