08 August 2013Meeting the media at the Fringe

I took the train up to Edinburgh on Saturday for the Festival Fringe event 'Meet the Media'. Fringe Central is more or less in the centre of the city, made easier to find as you just had to look

17 April 2013Flying visit to see Canary Gold

The Tenerife leg of the Canary Gold tour is almost over so in order to catch the show, I flew out there Sunday evening, went to the theatre Tuesday morning and came back later that same day. I

10 April 2013Canary Gold in Tenerife

TSF arrived in Tenerife last Sunday to begin two days rehearsal of Canary Gold before a two week tour of Tenerife. The set was shipped to Santa Cruz in the intervening

10 February 2013On tour with Canary Gold

This is my first time touring with a TSF show. As the marketing officer, I'm usually back in the office slaving over a hot Mac. Well, I'm still attached to the Mac, but this time it's being used