17 April 2013Flying visit to see Canary Gold

The Tenerife leg of the Canary Gold tour is almost over so in order to catch the show, I flew out there Sunday evening, went to the theatre Tuesday morning and came back later that same day. I

10 April 2013Canary Gold in Tenerife

TSF arrived in Tenerife last Sunday to begin two days rehearsal of Canary Gold before a two week tour of Tenerife. The set was shipped to Santa Cruz in the intervening

10 February 2013On tour with Canary Gold

This is my first time touring with a TSF show. As the marketing officer, I'm usually back in the office slaving over a hot Mac. Well, I'm still attached to the Mac, but this time it's being used

11 December 2012Striking Canary Gold in Tenerife


Paddy Burton, Sophie Millon and I flew to Tenerife late November to continue working on developing Canary Gold  with Teatro Tamaska, long standing collaborators with TSF who also