13 February 2014Creating Le Mystère de St Denis

It was quite the challenge creating Le Mystère de St Denis. It was a different show for everyone involved and I think together we have made something very unique and special. It is

28 October 2013Le Moulin Magique workshops for young pupils

My name is Nassy and I am currently an apprentice as a production assistant at Théâtre

08 October 2013There's always a first time

My memories of Hartlepool Town Hall go back more years than I care to admit when as a kid at junior school I'd perform with my school choir or later with my senior school wind band. Back then,

10 September 2013Le Moulin Magique is starting to turn

The actors have been here almost a week now, rehearsing hard for the new tour of Le Moulin Magique. Shona's back as stage manager and she's brought Billy with her  - no