04 June 2014Stepping into the world of Heaven Eyes

I had a great time with TSF last week beginning to explore the world of Heaven Eyes. My highlight was the discussion with David Almond. It was fascinating to get a

13 February 2014Creating Le Mystère de St Denis

It was quite the challenge creating Le Mystère de St Denis. It was a different show for everyone involved and I think together we have made something very unique and special. It is

28 October 2013Le Moulin Magique workshops for young pupils

My name is Nassy and I am currently an apprentice as a production assistant at Théâtre

08 October 2013There's always a first time

My memories of Hartlepool Town Hall go back more years than I care to admit when as a kid at junior school I'd perform with my school choir or later with my senior school wind band. Back then,