24 May 2016April means to open, like a flower in spring!

Hello! My name is April Jade Darrell (YES I was born in April). I am currently  studying Media, Communication and Cultural studies at Newcastle University. I came to

29 October 2015TSF wins an Award

TSF has won an Award! - The British Academy Schools Language Award  (BASLA) for its work with St. Thomas More School on Louis Pasteur and the Devastating Germs. This is an interactive and

14 October 2014Settling In & Heaven Eyes

Hello!once again As TSF’s new intern I’m keeping a blog here and it’s about time I update you all on how things are coming along. If you want to read my

05 September 2014New Beginnings...

Hello! My name is Mike Edwick and I’m Theatre Sans Frontieres’ new intern. I’ll be here over the next year in my position as Assistant Arts officer, which has kindly been made possible