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Aladdin and the Enchanted Lamp (2004)

Aladin et la Lampe Enchantée
Aladdin and the Enchanted Lamp (2004)


A fabulous and fanciful story of sorcerers, jewels and genies which captured the hearts of audiences throughout the UK.

When the young tearaway, Aladin, finds himself caught up in the mysterious world of an evil sorcerer, he escapes and discovers untold wealth from the enchanted lamp. He even succeeds in winning the hand of the beautiful princess, but his adventures do not end there…

A joint production with Brazilian theatre company, Le Plat du Jour, Aladin et la Lampe Enchantée brought together actors from Brazil, Italy, Scotland and England. Using clowning, puppets and spellbinding effects, this international cast conjured up a magical world brimming with surprises and thrills from the Orient.

Cast and Creative Team

Patricia Bergeron/Sarah Kemp Mère d'Aladin
John Cobb Sorcier / Sultan
Alexandra Golik Aladin
Rebecca Jameson Princesse Samirah
Sophie Millon Génie de la Bague
Ben Phillips Génie de la Lampe / Grand Vizir
Director Sarah Kemp
Composer Allan Tall
Set Designer & Masks Joff Chafer
Lighting Designer John Mackenzie
Costume Designer Susie Troup

Aladin et la Lampe Enchantée was created by The Company from a working script by Sophie Millon, based on the original tale by Antoine Galland.

In 2004 the show toured to 24 UK venues with 53 performances.