Ukrainian film-maker joins TSF

We are delighted to welcome, film director, Svitlana Pohasiy, from the Kids Movie Fest in Kyiv, Ukraine who has come to work with TSF to document, film and photograph our current projects and theatre processes as part of an Erasmus exchange project, funded by the EU. Svitlana has been with us since the end of April,  documenting development work on  the live version of The Golden Conch Shell,  our Adult Drama Group cultural exchange weekend with our sister group from Amsterdam and our latest production, Ti Jean et la Chèvre, currently touring primary schools in Northumberland and Cambridgeshire.  Svitlana will also be presenting A Film Night for Ukraine on 30 June at the Forum Cinema Hexham, where a number of winning  films made by young Ukrainian filmmakers will be shown, to raise money for the Kids Movie Summer Camp 2022,  with  which will work with Ukrainian young people orphaned or injured in the war.