A big Thankyou to our Sponsors...

TSF would like to take this opportunity to thank you, our many sponsors over the last while – Arts Council England, Hadrian Trust, Sylvia Waddilove, Joycey Trust, The Community Foundation, Durham University, Northumberland County Council, Tynedale Lions, The Foyle Foundation, Catherine Cookson Trust, Rothley Trust, Northumberland Cultural Fund as well as our many supporters donating individually through Local-giving.

Your help, over the last 2 years,  has enabled TSF  to promote creativity, music, and culture in schools across the country (La Chanson du Retour, Ti Jean et la Chèvre), to explore the moral issues behind censorship with A-level Spanish students (Lorca and Theatre Censorship under Franco), extend access to students in rurally isolated schools (our Tynedale Start programme delivered with The Queens Hall), collaborate internationally with Quebec company Theatre A L’Envers (Woanda) and provide opportunity for older people to participate in drama (Broken Pieces  -touring libraries - part of the Great Northumberland Festival.)

For the moment. we are conscious of the importance of maintaining social distancing within our highly interactive sector. 

We still wish to find creative solutions while working from home, collaborating with artist colleagues across the media, with future planning in mind. 

To some extent this period allows us to think ahead and develop new projects, think how they might focus action during this period of climate change, and also foster artistic partnership. 

As soon as it is possible, we will reboot our postponed Animal Olympics Tokyo 2020 project for North East schools ( in 2021) to coincide with the Olympics, retour our Lorca workshops, and continue our Start programme in Tynedale schools.  In the meantime, our interactive programme Le Tour de France is available on our e-learning platform at half price during this period, for use at home and in those schools still serving children. (https://www.tsf.org.uk/creative-learning/e-learning)

 The arts can be a strong advocate for change, creative in problem solving, in opening awareness and potential, and engaging many strands of our communities. Please continue to support us in our important work with primary school children, young adults, and the wider community. Thankyou.