The low down on STIs - the TSF way!

And now for something completely different! Earlier in the summer, TSF was commissioned by the Society for General Microbiology to produce a play for young people about sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Not your usual TSF production then, but hey, variety is the spice of life, so they say. July saw three weeks of devising, improvising and lots of giggling (and that was just John), at the end of which our brave and totally unflinching cast had produced an hour's show which is going to be performed at artsdepot in London.

How do you know if you've got an STI? What exactly are they? Where do you go to get advice and help? Follow the story of Luke (Hexham's very own Theo Hornsey), as he discovers answers to these questions and more... From his first awkward sexual experience to a romp through the history of STIs. 

If It's Not On, It's Not On, informative, humorous and eye-opening to the last, is suitable for all over the age of 14: young people, carers and educators, or anyone who wants to know more about the subject. The show is running from 8 to 11 September, tickets are free and available through eventbrite