Lipsynch in Melbourne

The award-winning nine hour long epic Lipsynch has just finished performing in Melbourne. This was likely to be the last outing of Robert Lepage's stunning production for some time. Watch the video to find out what the audience thought of the show.

I work at Arts Centre Melbourne, and as such I was lucky enough to see your magnificent show twice - both your opening performance on Saturday the 4th and your closing performance on Sunday the 12th. I can't tell you how satisfying the last week has been - speaking to excited patrons before the show, discussing the story during the intervals, dissecting everything after the completion of the performance. During the week we had dozens of people coming in asking "So what is this Lipsynch thing every one is talking about?

It was my sincere pleasure to rave about your show, to convince them to buy tickets, and to see them again post-performance and see the tears in their eyes.

You symbolise all that is great about theatre, and you made this the best week I have ever had at work."

Hannah, Arts Centre Melbourne