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Islands Art Installation

LANGUAGE:English, Spanish, German, Greek

During the 2010 UK tour of Islands, we asked the audience to tell us what they thought being an island meant. These ideas were collected and displayed on an installation which was put up in the foyer of the venues on tour. Many thanks to everyone who contributed their thoughts, some of which are here below:

My land

Everywhere; Calm, anger, hate, freedom, love, trap, noise, silence

Home. A place to be singular

A wee blob of land

Wherever you want it to be

Sunlight on water

Not as far away as you want it to be

No man is an island

A place you exist internally and escape to

Not what I am

As far away as you want it to be

A state of mind

Home a place to be

A feeling of freedom and escape, always managing to lift my spirits and feel more clarity.

So many memories I’ve had on islands… always the best ones and the most memorable.

Surrounded by water, usually salty